Hi, I’m A.C.!

I just moved from my home of nearly 17 years, Portland, Oregon, to rural Indiana with my boyfriend, Alex. I’m a home cook, freelance recipe developer, and food stylist. I do this stuff because I can’t stop thinking about food. He likes eating it, so it’s a win-win. 

I named this blog ‘Foodliness’ because I believe that it is in fact foodliness, and not cleanliness, that is next to godliness. By ‘godliness’ I mean that which is good and loving, not religiosity – though I’ve definitely experienced ecstatic revelation in the bite of a wild strawberry picked from the side of the road (for real though – maybe I’ll write about it some time). 

I love garlic, salt, butter (all things creamy, really), ceramic-coated cast iron, nutritional yeast, and bacon grease collected in a Ball jar. I’m a coffee addict. I don’t subscribe to any one diet (vegan, paleo, gluten-free), but I do intend to offer a little something for everyone. 

I enjoy fusing flavors from all over the globe, using nutrient-dense, seasonal ingredients (but, like, sometimes Cheetos, too!). Ultimately, I view food as play, but also a road to life-changing intimacy and healing. I used to make pizza from scratch every week for my family until I was orphaned, so returning to home-cooked meals after years of eating junk has been nothing short of rapture. 

What you won’t find here is food guilt, body-shaming, and DIET TALK. If you catch me in any of that, I give you permission to dole out a firm reprimand! Oh, and you probably won’t find kale, either, because I’m not gonna eat that shrubbery and you can’t make me. 

In the words of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “when there is a hunger in the psyche because not enough love or nourishment is forthcoming from the outer world, then there is temptation to seize at things that might relieve some of the suffering. But the shortcut, the easy way, always falls apart. Then one returns to the handmade life. One has to pick it up painfully, and piece it back together, holding the overall pattern in one’s mind, but working patiently, piece by piece.” 

So, this is my little space to create that handmade life. Thanks for joining me.